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The Mob Doctor is an American drama television series that premiered on the Fox Network in the Fall of 2012. The Mob Doctor is about a young thoracic surgeon becomes indebted to the South Chicago mafia and is forced to moonlight as a mob doctor, while also working full time at Chicago's most prominent hospital. The series is expected to air in the 2012-2013 network television season on Fox Network. It will star Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe, Jaime Lee Kirchner, James Carpinello, Jesse Lee Soffer and Zach Gilford.

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Temperance "Bones" Brennan, born Joy Keenan is a forensic anthropologist and works at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

      • She works with Special Agent Seeley Booth to work on cases which require their expertise. He nicknames her "Bones", referring to her job as a forensic anthropologist. They seem to have a fairly comfortable working relationship, despite the differences in their personalities and the sexual tension evident between them. More.

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The Mob Doctor will air in the Fall.
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