Prenos Grace Devlin

Jordana Spiro as Grace Devlin

She is the main character(Protagonist) of the series Mob Doctor.She is a surgeon.She lives in the southside of Chicago.And she's the daughter of the now Chicago Outfit boss Constantine Alexander  


She has a normal personality.But is strained beacuse she has to lie to people of moonlighting as a mob doctor for the Chicago mob.Her father is Constantine Alexander,She is willing to help her brother Nate when he's in a mess.She also had a relationship with Franco Leoni Constantine's right-hand man. 

Series ChainEdit

She became a mob doctor for the chicago mob working her brother's debt(Nate Devlin) to Paul Moretti.But in the pilot Constantine shot Moretti and toom over as boss.So just when she thought of paying the debt.Tino(Constantine's nickname) said that she needs to leave Chicago,But with her life in the city she refuses,In that case her debt to Moretti belongs to Tino.

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